We live in a society where failure is seen as weakness, and anything less than perfect is seen as a failure

The first time I heard the term “perfectionism” was when I was 16. My teacher referred to it as a potential answer to the job interview question: “What is your biggest weakness?” Little did she realize that it was the truth for many students in the class who had spent the last 12 years in a school that served detentions for crossing things out or using an ink eraser in their school books.

Don’t let the social pressures of the holiday leave you bankrupted for 2021

Gifts, decorations, cards, holiday food, wrapping and snacks — even in the most difficult of times, some traditions never change — but in many cases, income does.

Scams, overspending and environmentalism, oh my.

Despite the financial hellhole that 2020 has been, Black Friday is the tradition that doesn’t want to quit, and it’s coming full-force this year. All of us are currently being bombarded with unabashed sales marketing for 15%, 40% or up to 60% sales from companies that most of us are pretty certain we unsubscribed from the email lists of a long time ago.

and it’s not worth the cost

Last year I decided to quit most of my social media accounts. I left Instagram, Facebook and deleted Twitter entirely.

Because, believe it or not, parenting isn’t for everyone, and some of us prefer dogs.

When I was eight, all my friends had Baby Born dolls. Getting fancy prams and cute, trendy, seasonal outfits gave you access to a whole new world of group pram strolls in the park, sleepovers and small garden parties, and I wanted in.

None of us imagined ourselves as growing up to be uninspired, unmotivated adults. But just because the world was harder than you imagined it would be doesn’t mean your potential is any less.

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There are a lot of misconceptions in life about the importance of work and identity. Due to the nature of being a capitalist society, what one does for a living becomes a significant social marker against which others judge us.

I was at a Black Lives Matter protest in Edinburgh when the statue of slave trader Edward Colston was pulled down by protestors in Bristol. It was relieving to hear Mayor Marvin Rees say he felt no “sense of loss” when BLM demonstrators threw the controversial statue into the harbour. It was about time someone official acknowledged how vile our cultural celebration of racists is.

Feeling Depressed Isn’t The Same As Having Depression

It’s very easy to feel ashamed of having depression in a world of self-help and personal development.

Three weeks ago, I had a gas leak. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything serious — It was a small leak coming from a gas ring on my stove. Had I not had as sensitive a nose as I do, it probably would have gone unnoticed. My CO2 alarm didn’t pick it up, nor did my partner. I was nearly too frightened to call a gas man for fear of wasting an emergency service’s time.

When I joined university nine years ago, I was so excited about my future. Like many people out there, university was what I’d worked my whole towards; it was the only reason I’d slaved away at my homework and extracurricular activities since the age of ten.

Cinzia DuBois

Writer | Author | Creator of The Personal Philosophy Project on YouTube

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